Facebook and OWWA to provide business training for Overseas Filipino Workers

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has teamed up with Facebook to empower Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) with digital literacy and business training starting in July. The agency believes that this is a timely and relevant step amid the onset of technology.

Digital Literacy

Clair Deevy, Facebook Asia-Pacific director for community affairs, pointed out that the one-hour training will impart significant insights to our OFWs. It will teach them the importance of keeping safe and secure on social media. The program consists of a module accessible for departing Filipino workers. Informational videos are posted on OWWW social media platforms and are available for viewing at their offices.

According to OWWA Chief, Hans Cacdac, this tech-powered program will help OFWs identify and prevent scams, thus providing them more secure privacy. By empowering the OFWs with digital literacy, OWWA believes that they can easily prevent fake news from spreading which can cause confusion and chaos among Filipinos abroad. He also stressed out that OFWs should brush up on their critical thinking skills nowadays, in which this literacy training comes to great use.

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Business Training

Meanwhile, livelihood has always been an integral aspect of OWWA’s program. This time, they are focused on using the power of social media to help businesses achieve greater heights in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The business training and seminars will provide OFWs with the necessary entrepreneurial skills to prepare them for their return to their home country. These workshops revolve around leveraging Facebook insights to improve customer experience, and creative training will teach them how to capture images or use Instagram to grow their business.

Hans Cacdac said that OWWA is seeking to recruit an initial 1,500 OFWs to experience the workshops this 2018. There are around 40,000 OFWs who are scheduled to go through the said training. To those who are interested in undergoing the program, they can reach out to OWWA via social media, SMS, or landline.

Cacdac highlighted that the training will help business owners leverage Facebook and other social media platforms to their benefits. Furthermore, this initiative will also help in avoiding scams.

“We hope that this initiative by the OWWA and Facebook will provide a double layer of empowerment and security for our dear OFWs.”, Cacdac added.

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